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Slightly Cracked 
s Whitfield's first women's fiction.

Sugar Babe Beanblossom and Daisy Marie Hazelhurst have been bosom buddies since they were born two weeks to the day apart. Living near each other, they share happy and sad memories, outrageous antics and giggles, marital and health glitches. The only thing that threatens their lifelong friendship is the Old Dickeywood goose controversy.

When Daisy takes a nasty spill                               on her bike, Sugar Babe races to her side. After a                                           sinister diagnosis, Sugar Babe embraces the                                                      realization that friends should encourage and                                                 protect one another through difficult                                                            circumstances, and...

        DRIVING MISS DAISY takes on a whole new meaning.

In the works:  Last Time Home, 
a novel about five grieving siblings